Adhering to a high standard of network engineering performance has been my on-going goal as a responsible representative in the telecommunication industry. I believe that this is where my experience and enthusiasm to grow can rise to the challenge to soar to new peak performances through a business partnership where competency and trustworthiness meet.



Frontier Communications, Kennewick WA, Jul. 2012 – Current

Network Technician

☑  Installed network premise wire, customer inside wire, jacks and demarcation for POTS/DS0/DS1/DS3/Ethernet

☑ Implemented connections in wire-frames, 66/110/Krone/Telzon wiring blocks, cross-connect terminals, and pedestals

☑  Used specialized tools to test equipment, schematics, circuit diagrams and manufacturer documentation

☑  Utilized ladders and pole climbing skills to maintain & repair the OSP Fiber-Optic & copper cable plant

☑  Completed wire-wrapping and place DSX jumpers for the installation of DS3/DS1/DS0 circuits and equipment

☑  Installed, tested, delivered, and repaired circuits such as analog, 56k/64k DDS, DS1, DS3, SONET, 1-Gigabit & 10-Gigabit Ethernet, & metro-ethernet

☑  Established and test fiber optic connectivity at transport equipment and fiber distribution panels

☑  Spliced fiber for implementation and repair of SONET & Gigabit Ethernet circuits

☑  Characterized and BERT tested fiber for SONET & Gigabit Ethernet circuits using GN NetTest CMA-4000, Exfo FTB-1, and Acterna/JDSU T-BERD 5000/6000 test sets, performing OTDR traces, RFC-2544, CD & PMD tests

☑  Interfaced Hekimian test access with React to test/turn-up DS0 & DS1 circuits in multiple DACS

☑  Maintained, provision, and repair class-5 switches such as Lucent 5ESS, GTD-5

☑  Provisioned, grew, and established services & cross-connects in Lucent DACSIV & Fujitsu 4500/4100ES DACS

☑  Maintained, repaired, and provisioned Central Office equipment including Juniper ERX-1440 & MX-480 routers, DISCS, AFC UMC1000, Alcatel 1218, 914EX, and SLC-96 DLC carrier systems, D448 channel-banks, Fujitsu Flashwave & Nortel fiber-terminals, M13 DS3 multiplexers, Adtran TA3000 shelves, Fujitsu, Alcatel, and Adtran xDSL TA5000, and power

☑  Safely accomplished SONET Ring collapse and node adds on inservice fiber rings

☑ Administered and performed complex CWDM integrations with BTI, Clearfield, and Optellian optical wave muxes

☑  Fulfilled preventive maintenance routines and inspections of central office telecommunications equipment & power

☑  Delivered standby power to Central Offices/remote sites with mobile generators during emergency power loss events


R&R Solutions, Gravette AR & nationally, Jul. 2011 – Feb. 2012

Data Technician

IBM/Best Buy WAP Project:

☑  Executed Wireless Access Point (WAP) network conversion

☑  Re-purposed cat-5e network cabling & install new cat-5e cable drops for WAP’s

☑  Terminated cat-5e cable connections to customer comm. room patch-panels & install modular jacks

☑  Validated cable paths using Fluke & JDSU cable validator equipment

☑  Operated scissor-lift equipment for installation of cable & WAP equipment in 20-30foot ceilings & conduits

☑  Re-arranged network connections at customer comm. room network switches

☑  Provisioned new wireless access points & test to ensure proper operation

☑  Equipped IDF network cabinets, switches, RJ45 patch panels, power, grounding, and terminate cat-5e cables

☑  Installed IDF network equipment & fiber-optic cable, and test/validate with JDSU & OWL fiber test sets

Best Buy Mobile SAS Project:

☑  Performed physical relocation of POS register, cash drawer, credit card swipe, and associated peripherals

☑  Integrated new cat-5e cable drop(s) and terminate cable ends at patch panels and modular jacks

☑  Validated/test cable paths using Fluke cable validator equipment

☑  Restored register, terminals, and peripherals to transaction-ready status prior to business re-open


LightCore (CenturyTel Fiber Company), Fayetteville AR, Nov. 2006 – Nov. 2009

Fiber Technician II

☑  Implemented installation, acceptance, and test/turn-up of telecommunications equipment, cabling and terminations

☑ Fufilled inspection/preventive maintenance routines at CO’s and POP sites on equipment such as transmission systems, and DC power plants (generator, battery, rectifier, transfer switch)

☑  Managed contracted equipment installations, construction, fiber-splicing & repair efforts on the OSP and ISP

☑  Executed fiber/cable locating and related damage prevention tasks

☑  Responded to call-outs (emergency locating, fiber damage/cuts, site and power outages) at and in-between POP sites & CO’s along hundreds of miles of the interconnected fiber network

☑  Characterized, tested, and spliced fiber for implementation and repair of SONET & Gigabit Ethernet circuits

☑  Provisioned, tested & delivered DS1/DS3, OC-n & Ethernet/Gigabit-Ethernet services

☑  Utilized transmission testing equipment such as OTDR’s, BERT test sets, and protocol-analyzers (Nettest, Exfo, Digital Lightwave, Acterna/JDSU T-Berd, HP/Agilent CERJAC)

Installation & Commissioning, operational, and fault-resolution responsibility of the following systems:

☑  Nortel Networks OC-48 (classic) S/DMS Transport Nodes

☑  Fujitsu Optical Transport: FW4500, FW7500, FW7120/FW7420, FW4100, FW4300, FLM-150, FLM-2400/600

☑  M13 Multiplexers such as NEC RC28D, and Telco Systems 828 & EdgeLink100

☑  World Wide Packets LE-311 Optical Gb-E/Ethernet SDS switches


AT&T and Cingular Wireless, Seattle/Tacoma WA MSC & RDC, Apr. 2000 – Mar. 2006

Lead Regional Data Center Technician – Tech IV

☑ Lead technician for the deployment of Trident Project TDMA network launch, assisted in GSM/GPRS/EDGE network launch, 3G (UMTS) network launch including the first operational 3G wireless network (Seattle market) in the Western Hemisphere, and later Lucent WCDMA 3G network launch, and Lead Technician for the deployment and tuning of Phase-2 E911 geo-location network

☑ Maintained, repaired, and provisioned, implemented and expanded the cellular network transport, radio network, intermachine/PSTN interface and interconnect

☑ Using Remedy Fault Analysis, created and responded to internal and external trouble-reports for resolution of any and all perceived service interruption or network degradation

☑ Interpreted severity, criticality and impact of troubles, diagnose & resolve network issues, and escalate trouble cases, where appropriate, within S.L.A.’s established with LEC/IXC’s

☑ Day-to-day DS0/DS1-SONET testing, acceptance, provisioning, integration, performance monitoring, call-trace, and test calls across transport & switching systems

☑ Cell site base station provisioning for turn-up, reconfiguration, rehomes, network integrations & RF retunes, and software release deployment

☑ Supervised contracted installation labor supporting transport & switching systems hardware installation. Testing and acceptance of equipment installation for assurance of company & Telcordia standard

☑ Protocol analysis with Interquest NetTest, Tektronix K1205, & Radcom PrismLite Analyzers

☑ Data transport protocol familiarity including SNMP, X.25, Frame Relay, ATM, TCP/IP

☑ Understanding of PSTN & network voice signalling methods such as MF/DTMF, SS7, ISUP, RANAP

☑ SS7/STP transport, interaction, and analysis with Access-7, K1205 & NetTest Analyzers

☑ Accomplished port growth and electronic cross-connects in new Tellabs 5500 & 5320 DCS

☑ Utilized BERT test equipment such as TBERD 2310/2209/310/307/305/211/224, Centest-650, and NetAnalyst for testing and monitoring of DS3 and DS1 HI-CAP circuits

☑ Wire-wrapping and DSX jumper placement for DS3/DS1/DS0 circuits

☑ Phase2 E911 systems implementation, integration, and day-to-day operation to comply with Government mandated location-success standards (Andrew Corp. GCS, TruePosition WLS systems)

☑ Managed and coordinated work efforts of LEC installers and RF technicians to ensure proper installation and integration of DS1/DS3 circuits to new Nortel MTX, Nokia, Nortel & Lucent base stations

☑ Operated, and maintained power distribution, power plant, & UPS Systems (such as Lucent Galaxy GPS-4848, Helios, and Argus Plants, Rectifiers, Inverters, Batteries, Transfer Switch, and Fusing Panels/distribution equipment)

Inspected, Operated, Configured, and resolved complex trouble with the following systems:

☑ Voicemail Platforms: Comverse Trilogue, Lucent Octel CA/Sierra & Lucent AnyPath High-Capacity VMS servers

☑ Voice Activated Dialing System: Comverse VAD

☑ PBX: Avaya PBX & Lucent Partner phone systems

☑ Symmetricom GPS BITS clock site and system network synchronization equipment

☑ TDMA, GSM, and WCDMA/UMTS cellular networks supporting circuit-switched voice and packet-switched traffic with CDPD/GPRS/EDGE/3GPP/HSPA data

☑ Voice Service Telephone switches: Nortel DMS-MTX, DMS-100, DMS-250, DMS-GSM, and D-MSC

☑ DCS/DACS: Tellabs 5320L/5500, Lucent DACS II/IV, Alcatel 1631, Tellabs 7120, Alcatel CP-800, Tellabs V4500

☑ BSS: Nokia BSC 2i/3i (GSM), Nortel DMS-MTX (TDMA), Nortel POC/AN/RNC nodes (UMTS)


US West/Qwest Contract Tek Systems/Aerotek, Salt Lake City UT, Nov. 1999 – Apr. 2000

Communications Technician

☑ Utilized systems such as REACT, WFA /C/DI/DO, TEMS, NMA, TIRKS

☑ Remotely tested, turned-up, and provisioned high-capacity circuits such as DS1 and DS3 trunks

☑ Monitored, interpreted, analyzed and diagnosed the output of networks

☑ Remotely controlled loopbacks and configuration in fiber-optic multiplexers, office/line repeaters, NIU’s, customer

☑ CSU/DSU’s, and other network elements for testing and turn-up of high-capacity circuits

☑ Remotely interfaced Hekimian test access points such in various DACS (Tellabs, Lucent, Alcatel) for DS1/DS3 testing, performance monitoring, and the establishment of electronic cross-connects

☑ Managed and coordinated work efforts by interfacing with multiple work groups and customers

☑ Drove work-loads and multi-tasked for compliance of established critical dates and service-delivery requirements to ensure the timely establishment of high-quality voice/data service and work requests


United States Air Force, Sept. 1992 – Oct. 1999

Satellite/Wideband SHF Communications Technician

☑ Engineered communications links, performed site surveys, developed circuit configuration worksheets, and utilized topographical maps and RF path profiles for the deployment and installation of mobile telecommunications networks

☑ Coordinated with government agencies for frequency clearance and access authorization of DOD satellites

☑ Installed, operated, and repaired TropoScatter, Satellite equipment, & LOS microwave radio terminals

☑ Configured and maintained multiplexers, fiber mux’s, STU signal termination devices, wideband modems, frequency synthesizers and converters, receivers, patch bays, distribution frames, circuit junction boxes, high-output Klystron Amplifiers, power supplies, antennas & waveguides, and encryption devices

☑ Troubleshot circuit, system, and network problems utilizing detailed schematic diagrams, fault isolation flow charts, circuit configuration worksheets, RF path profiles, and various test equipment

☑ Utilized various test equipment including distortion and spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes, bit error rate test sets, analog test sets, signal generators and oscillators, frequency counters, power meters, and volt/ohm meters

☑ Performed preventive maintenance inspections consisting of timing standard adjustments, channel level checks, baseband level adjustments, noise-figure tests, and gain adjustments in receivers and low noise amplifiers



☞ Associate of Applied Science Degree, Electronic Systems Technology,

Community College of the Air Force October 1999

☞  Vendor training courses: Fujitsu (FW4500, FW7500), Nortel (DMS), World Wide Packets, Nokia (BSC & NMS), Lucent Voicemail (Octel & AnyPath Hi-Capacity VMS), Comverse (VAD), Bay Networks (Router)

☞ Advanced Soldering Techniques (USAF)

☞ Electronics Principles (USAF)

☞ Satellite Communications Operations (USAF)